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Fritz der Haarige and Rico Rothar

Bearded pigs can be found everywhere in Berlin. But Fritz der Harrige beats them all.
He accepts an invitation by rubber pig Rico Rothar to meet him in his apartment. The German Fritz has dressed in a black and yellow rubber Jersey and is welcomed by Rico who is kneeling before him - Fritz pushes his cock with relish in Rico's face. Rothar in the Red Jersey swallows Fritz's juice club wholly and is rewarded with a spit covered cock in his wide open mouth. Rico swallowing mouth moves swiftly but is still being slammed harder by his master, mercilessly attacking his neck cunt. But rest he will not. The punk screams out his lust, but Fritz has only just started and brings his slave on his knees.

After spanking his hairless ass with a sneaker and he finally shoves his bare cock into the steaming meat. Rico enjoys the very slow fucking movements and Fritz changes direction. He hits him on the butt and presses himself again more brutally in the asshole. While he pulls apart the plump cheeks, he slams him harder and clap of his balls against the cunt hole is heard.

Then Fritz shoves his hand in the ass lips without hint of punk knowing it. And as if that wasn't enough he pushes his dirty cock with in the hole too. Rico's cries wake finally the pig fully in Fritz. He fists alternately in the tormented rosette. The punk can't believe it as the hairy German pig fists him with both hands the ass channel.
The hole squishes and pushes the big hands harder and deeper fuck until the Rosebud arches with full pride out of his ass. The thick sauce that Dick shoots from Fritz and defile the pussy lips again as he pushes into the pulsating flesh.